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Personetics is the global leader in financial data-driven personalization, customer engagement, and advanced money management capabilities for financial institutions. Focused on enabling proactive engagement for banks, Personetics’ AI analyzes financial data in real time to understand customer financial behavior, anticipate customer needs and deliver a hyper-personalized experience. We are creating the future of “Self-Driving Finance,” where banks can proactively act on their customers’ behalf to help improve their financial wellness and achieve financial goals.  

Our industry-leading data analytics solutions harness customer financial transaction data to provide day-to-day actionable insights, personalized recommendations, product-based financial advice, and automated financial wellness programs. Financial institutions use Personetics’ agile solutions to rapidly create their own personalization IP to serve the unique needs of their customers and differentiate themselves in the market. With Personetics offerings, financial institutions transform their digital banking experience into the center of the customers’ financial lives.

 We offer solutions for mass market consumer banking, SMB banking, wealth management, and credit card issuers. Personetics drives business impact for financial institutions by improving relevant product targeting for accurate, efficient cross-selling and upselling. We help financial institutions deepen their customer relationships, increase core deposits and customer retention, expand share of wallet, and boost Customer Lifetime Value.  

 Personetics currently serves over 80 financial institutions spanning 30 global markets, reaching 120 million customers. We are backed by leading venture capital and private equity investors, with offices in New York, London, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Tokyo, Paris, Spain, and Australia.  

 Learn more at personetics.com

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